Seeds & Grain


Lancashire Crop Consultancy (LCC) only provide fully-approved and certified seeds. We can provide seeds for cereals, beans, and grass.

Our agronomist is more than happy to discuss what seed would suit your needs best, discussing the different varieties of seed that we trust.

We can also arrange for a mobile seed cleaning and processing specialist to visit your farm to clean whatever amount of seed you require, as agents of a nationwide mobile seed cleaning company.

If you would like more information on seed from LCC, please call 01704 841 438 or email


LCC are agents of Openfield Agriculture, one of the UK’s largest grain-trading companies and the largest agricultural co-operative company in the UK.

LCC can provide you with a price for your grain, depending on the results from the grain analysis we take.

We can also offer you standard, up-to-date prices for your grain for feed, and secure contracts through Openfield as an agent.

If you would like to know the latest prices for your grain or would like more information, please contact us on 01704 841 438 or email